Bajaj V15

$ 58922 /Day

Here are the conditions for auction clients. A 35,000 jpy deposit is taken to bid on a bike for a customer. The 35,000 jpy deposit becomes the service charge if we are successful in purchasing. delivery within Kansai either to our shop for pick up by the customer later incurs an additional charge depending on purchase location, or direct to the customer's desired address. Delivery to the customer after arriving at our shop can be arranged, please inquire. After this, the customer has to pay the balance of the bike plus 8% tax, auction costs of roughly 20,000yen. We can keep this within your budget, or extra so we will discuss this when we meet. This is payable immediately, and if not the deposit may be kept to cover our costs. If you would like to cancel, or we cannot find a reasonable bike for you then we will return the deposit. Once we have secured full payment we will deliver the bike. We then send the paperwork to you later when it arrives, usually within the week but can be longer. If there is shipping to outside Kansai, then for example it is 10-20,000yen from Auction to Auction, Kansai to Tokyo. We will bid on the bike to a limit of your budget for example 150,000 yen gross, ie deposit, auction fees, bike and tax total 150,000yen. This is auction so please allow for 10% over your budget just in case

Rate Schedule: 
Hourly RateHalf DaySame Day24 Hrs2 Days3 Days4 DaysNight RiderInsurance RateInsurance Deductible
$15.00 / hr$50.00 / 4 hrs$65.00$75.00 $65.00 / day$55.00 / day$45.00 / day$50.00 / night$10.00 / day$500.00
Rate Details: 


  • Open ended rental, pay when you return!
  • Minimum one hour
  • Additional hours prorated every 15min until the daily maximum is reached
  • Free training!

Half Day

  • Discounted 4 hour rental
  • Pick up any time as long as you can return before closing 

Same Day

  • Earliest pickup 9am, return 15min prior to closing
  • Maximum rate paid for same date rental

24 Hrs and Multi Day Rentals

  • 24hr rental periods starting from the time you pick up
  • Per day rate

Night Rider

  • Pick up within the last hour before we close and return the following morning between 9am to 10am

Insurance Coverage

  • Flat rate fee per day
  • Coverage
    • $5 Million dollars third party legal liability
    • $150,000.00 Underinsured motorist protection
    • No-Fault accident benefits
    • Coverage deductible of $500.00 on damages to the scooter and a deductible of $500.00 on all third party claims

Current Operating Hours

What's Included: 

Keep Safe! 3/4 Style, cleaned after every rental, funk free!

Stay warm and protect your hands, look tough while doing it!

Stylish and practical, keep the wind and bugs out of your eyes! Bring your own or wear ours

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, we have scoured every inch of Vancouver and the surrounding area for the best roads and sights. We provide free maps and route suggestions so you can make the most out of your rental. Check out our riding routes section and come prepared!

A full tank of gas is included with every rental. We expect you to either return the scooter fully fueled or we charge $2/hr to a daily maximum of $10.

Never ridden a scooter before? No worries! The helpful and professional staff at Cycle BC Rentals are more than happy to show you how. From controls to riding, we make sure you're comfortable with the scooter before we get you on the road!

What to Expect: 

The Best Bikes - The Best Service - The Best Ride

At Cycle BC we strive to make your rental experience as fun and safe as possible.

When you arrive at our shop a rental agent will greet you and help get you set up for your scooting adventure! The checkout process starts by filling out a rental agreement, during this step your rental agent will explain all of the details of the contract and answer any questions you might have. This is also a great time to get recommendations on suggested routes and must see sights. Once we have the initial paperwork out of the way, your rental agent will assist you and your passenger in picking out proper fitting scooting gear and assigning you your 49cc stead for the day. The final step of the checkout process is training, it starts by walking you through all of the controls on the scooter, after you are familiarized with your scoot we will cover some basic riding techniques to make sure you feel comfortable and ready for the road, lastly we will cover some final safe riding recommendations before we set you free! This entire process can be as quick as ten minutes or as long as it needs to make sure you feel confident for the road. During your rental you if any questions come up a Cycle BC representative will always be a phone call away.

Some addition information about our rentals

  • All of our scooters are rented on a first come first serve, non-booking basis. We have over 50 single seat scooters and 12 two seaters in our fleet so we can accommodate for large groups. On the weekends and holidays we do tend to sell out so we recommend to give us a call before you come down to ensure we have not sold out.
  • Even on a sunny it can get chilly on the open road with wind in your hair. We recommend bringing a warm sweater, sunglasses and to wear closed toed shoes to protect your feet.
  • All rentals must be returned during business hours.
Tech Specs: 

Seating Capacity

49cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke

Fully automatic, 1 speed, gas & go!

Fuel Capacity/ Range
1.3 gallons / 5 L , 110 miles / 180 km

Seat Height
28.3 in / 71.8 cm

176 lbs / 80 kg


Driver's License
For BC residents a valid 5, 6 or 7(n). For residents outside of BC a valid drivers or motorcycle license that permits you to drive without adult supervision. Renters with a learner's license are not permitted to rent a scooter. For more information on licensing please visit ICBC

19 Years or Older
Renters under the age of 19 must have a valid driver's license and a legal parent or guardian present at the time of rental to sign a witnessed liability release.

Credit Card
Any valid major credit card, in your name, with at least $500.00 available to cover the insurance deductible.

Please read our rental policies for additional information.

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