Buy From Auction
Here are the conditions for auction clients.
A 35,000 jpy deposit is taken to bid on a bike for a customer.

The 35,000 jpy deposit becomes the service charge if we are successful in purchasing. delivery within Kansai either to our shop for pick up by the customer later incurs an additional charge depending on purchase location, or direct to the customer's desired address. Delivery to the customer after arriving at our shop can be arranged, please inquire.

After this, the customer has to pay the balance of the bike plus 8% tax, auction costs of roughly 20,000yen. We can keep this within your budget, or extra so we will discuss this when we meet. This is payable immediately, and if not the deposit may be kept to cover our costs.

If you would like to cancel, or we cannot find a reasonable bike for you then we will return the deposit.

Once we have secured full payment we will deliver the bike. We then send the paperwork to you later when it arrives, usually within the week but can be longer.

If there is shipping to outside Kansai, then for example it is 10-20,000yen from Auction to Auction, Kansai to Tokyo.

We will bid on the bike to a limit of your budget for example 150,000 yen gross, ie deposit, auction fees, bike and tax total 150,000yen. This is auction so please allow for 10% over your budget just in case.
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